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is a world leader in providing superior health and safety protection solutions that enhance human wellbeing.

Chemical Protection

Disposable Gloves

Mechanical Protection

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TouchNTuff 92 600 Chemical Application H




AlphaTec products provide wearers with the most suitable protection, comfort and confidence to continue working in a multitude of risks.

TouchNTuff single use gloves have offered superior tactility, resilience and reliable protection from chemical splashes, making them ideal for a wide range of application, including chemical handling, general industry, research, and pharmaceutical.

Serious lacerations and deep cut injuries can be devastating. Skimping on quality or providing an item that is not fit for purpose is not ok. Compromise on safety leads to to many short and long term negative impacts for both workers and employers, regardless of business size. Don't take the risk of being OK. Use Ansel Gloves with superior cut protection

Specialized Protection

Disposable Hand Protection

Functional, Dependable and Affordable Solution

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Gloves for extreme protection

Traditional disposable gloves are designed to provide protection against chemicals for only short periods of time – in the event of a splash; while chemical gloves typically have a thicker, sturdier design for longer lasting protection

For workers who rely on consistent quality industrial gloves to protect them from workplace risks and do their job more effectively, EDGE® by Ansell industrial work gloves are a dependable, functional and affordable solution.

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